What is SUFIA?

Single Unified Framework for Internet Applications
A revolutionary new server platform software to rapidly develop and deploy secure, high-performing web-based business applications, using a holistic approach, thus saving time and costs. The unique architecture of SUFIA eliminates the common and costly issues encountered using conventional methods.

Value Proposition

Quickly develop and deploy customized web-based and android-based business applications. SUFIA handles the technicalities so that you can focus on your business needs.

Architecture of SUFIA

SUFIA is based on JAVA, a processing concept that is supported by all major IT vendors for its versatility and robustness and is a platform of choice for most enterprise-level, mission-critical business applications. SUFIA is a JAVA server application running in a JAVA Virtual Machine providing a processing envelope to the actual business application.
The SUFIA envelop provides:
By using this architecture, the user-written business application programs need to focus only on the business requirements since they are insulated from the technicalities of web application programming, like session management and, security and performance considerations.

Single Unified Environment

The SUFIA architecture enables a secure, single unified environment to be created, serving developers, users and administrators simultaneously. This means:
For organizations that prefer physically separate development and production environments, SUFIA provides a run-time-only option.

SUFIA VS Traditional

Not required. SUFIA provides a ready application environment at the server. Development is via web browsers, which come standard with most clients.
Requires setting-up a new application environment at the server. Requires installing client software for the developer(s).
Code Integration
SUFIA’s discrete design architecture requires programs to be synchronized at the business function level. Change(s) only impact the affected program(s).
Codes from individual programmers need to be synchronized with each other, and conflicts need to be resolved. A change may require the whole application to be tested.
Managing Versions
SUFIA keeps program codes together with their versions, in the server. This ensures currency and security. The built-in audit trails enforce accountability.
This is managed externally and it is usually up to the developers’ own initiatives and discipline. And this usually causes problems of inconsistent versions.
SUFIA’s discrete design architecture makes the testing of individual modules possible. SUFIA’s integrated code and test environments makes testing instantaneous. Errors encountered can be easily located, corrected and re-tested.
Related modules need to be packaged, and then moved to a test environment. Errors encountered will require the process to be repeated.
Managing Deployment
SUFIA automatically keeps track of the status of each program and version - from specification, testing, deployment and right up to retirement. The built-in audit trails enforce accountability.
This is managed externally and usually manually. Combined with the issues of version management, it is usually a major problem.
Application Maintenance
SUFIA’s built-in deployment management will instantly provide the version in production. Changes can be made, and SUFIA will automatically store it as a new version. Testing is instantaneous, and the new version can be move into production immediately – not necessary to re-start the server.
Locate the correct version to change, make the changes, repackage, test and migrate to the production system. Most likely the server needs to be re-started to effect he changes.

SUFIA's Unique Features

Code Encapsulator

The SUFIA Envelope with a Code Encapsulator insulates the technicalities and allows business logic to be coded, just as the business requires.

Bulit-In Version Management

Built-in Version Management and Deployment Management ensures that only tested and accepted versions go ‘live’.

Unified Environment

A unified environment enables rapid code-test-deploy cycles to respond to dynamic and changing business environments.

Efficient Collaborative Development

Browser-based development environment allows efficient collaborative application development

Simple to Use, Powerful Language

Simple and modern high-level language makes coding possible for beginners and non-IT trained.

Simple to Use, Powerful Language

Integrated support for Mobile Applications (optional) avoids having to learn another skill.

Deployment Management

Built-in support for deployment process, govern by roles & responsibilities, starting from initial specification until transaction retirement.

Discrete Design

By using Discrete Design Architecture codes are prevented from corrupting each other, saving valuable time and resources in problem resolution and application maintenance.

Support for Clustered Servers

Built-in support for clustered servers (Enterprise Version) enables corporations to grow from start-ups to major corporations while maintaining their investments in application development.

Simple, Ready Use Case Scenarios

Web Collaboration
Web Collaboration​
Data from Legacy Application or Excel worksheets (like Customers, Students, Invoices, Cheques, and Sales) may be loaded into SUFIA and published, for more accessible, and more secure collaboration.
Record Repository
Record Repository
Voluminous historical records from Legacy Applications that need to be kept for reference from time to time, like transaction records, invoices, etc. may be easily loaded into SUFIA, and the data will be available for queries through a browser. A very cost-effective solution to a common predicament.
File Repository
File Repository
Many files (Word or PDF Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, images, etc) currently shared using shared folders may be loaded into SUFIA for better and more secure collaborative access and updates, with automated version controls, if desired.
Programmable Black Box
Programmable "Black Box"
Repetitive processes which may be time-triggered (e.g.. fetching a file from a legacy system) or event-triggered e.g. issuing an order when stock is below the re-order level) may be programmed.

Our Package


  • Desktop or Notebook
  • Full Development & Deployment Features
  • Web & Mobile
  • Full function for small-scale business applications
  • Mobile Application (Optional)


  • Server
  • Full Development & Deployment Features
  • Clustering Support
  • Web & Mobile
  • Multiple of 4 cores
  • Full function for enterprise-level business applications
  • Mobile Application (Optional)