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SUFIA stands for Single Unified Framework for Internet Applications. It is a revolutionary server platform software designed to develop and deploy secure, high-performing web-based business applications quickly and cost-effectively.
SUFIA allows you to focus on your business needs by handling technical aspects such as session management, security, and performance considerations. It provides a secure, single unified environment for developers, users, and administrators, enabling easy application development, deployment, and rapid code-test-deploy cycles.
SUFIA is based on JAVA, a versatile and robust processing concept supported by major IT vendors. It runs as a JAVA server application in a JAVA Virtual Machine, providing an envelope for the actual business application. The SUFIA envelope offers role-based security access controls, access to databases, miscellaneous functions, and a Code Encapsulator for executing user-written business applications.
Unlike traditional methods, SUFIA eliminates the need for setting up a new application environment at the server and installing client software for developers. The discrete design architecture ensures that changes only impact the affected program(s), making code integration and testing easier and faster.
SUFIA incorporates automatic version controls and deployment management, providing a holistic view of the full development cycle. It keeps program codes together with their versions on the server, ensuring currency, security, and accountability through built-in audit trails.
Yes, SUFIA supports both conventional application deployment methodologies and iterative methodologies like Rapid Prototyping and Agile.
Yes, SUFIA is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to major corporations. Its support for clustered servers ensures scalability while maintaining application development investments.
You can get started with SUFIA by accessing the platform’s browser-based development environment. Reach out to the SUFIA team for more information on setting up and deploying your custom web and mobile applications rapidly.